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My name is Edgar Y. Bennett. I was associated with the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) from 1966 until Passover 1995. Since that time, I’ve been intensely interested in the end-time message to God’s firstfruits.

I Corinthians 10:11 states that the Bible was written for end-time Christians, and I have no doubt that we are living in the end-time. My Bible studies have centered around the following: End-time prophesies and parables; the synagogue of Satan, which is clearly identified in the message to the Philadelphian church in the book of Revelation; the apparent low numbers of actual saved humans that will be in the first resurrection; and the end-time Elijah and the important role that he plays in the end-time scenario.

My intensive personal Bible studies began shortly after leaving WCG. I was shocked by biblical statements like, “many are called, but FEW are chosen,” and “fear not LITTLE flock, it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” These verses are directly contrary to what I had been taught in all my years with WCG. The Bible clearly states in thirteen places in the New Testament that the many will be lost and the few saved. A study of the parables bears this out: Satan plants the tares which are gathered and burned at Christ’s return; three out of four of the good seed go bad; and the five foolish virgins go back to sleep after being awakened by the cry at midnight (Matthew 25:6). This is extremely sobering to me because I believe the Bible.

These studies also led to a realization of the evil nature of the hierarchical system of church government. Ezekiel 34:5 and 8 state that there are NO SHEPHERDS. Verses 4 and 6 state that the sheep have been ruled with force and cruelty and are scattered upon the face of the earth. This is a description of present-day conditions in the church. Anyone familiar with the WCG hierarchical system put in place by Herbert W. Armstrong is acutely aware of how it ruled with force and cruelty. In verse 10, God states that He is against these “NO SHEPHERDS” of Ezekiel 34:5 and 8 and directly takes a hand in delivering His flock.

The results of my Bible studies are available at this web site.

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Published May 25, 1998

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