The powers that be are ordained of God.

Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

Let’s look and see what God says about the “powers that be” and how you and I fit into the grand scheme of things.

You may be shocked as to where an end time Christian fits in.  I’m referring to the spirit world where as a physical human we are completely on the bottom and are at the mercy of the more powerful spirit beings.  But if you haveGod’s Spirit and are an end time Christian, this puts you on different level.  You may very well be surprised at how high this power level is.  God has certain rules and regulations for us, so we can tap that source of power.  What we do with that information determines whether or not we enter God’s Kingdom.

If we want to obtain salvation, we better consider Philippians 2:12 a command.

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Can you be one?  Could you be a prisoner of war and not know it spiritually?  You would certainly know something was wrong in your spiritual life.

Is there a member of the Church of God who does not know there is something wrong in the church today, May 29th, 2002?  The church is in shambles like the two world trade towers.  When I say that, I am speaking of the “late” Worldwide Church of God.  God has other folds where he has sheep also.

John 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

John 17:11 And now I am no more in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to thee. Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are.

By no stretch of the imagination could anyone say that the church is united as ONE today.  This is where we are in prophecy.  God is starting to gather his sheep and herd them towards the ultimate goal of oneness, just as the Father and Christ are.



Today is Aug. 16, 2000, as I start what may be the longest paper I have ever written.

It has to do with Satan, demons, understanding the end time scenario and how the demons fit into it, and how we will be released from our slavery to Satan.

I would suggest that you read everything else that there is on the website of Solid Rock’s People about demons and Satan before reading this paper. This paper will include much review of the Bible subjects covered before and how they apply to the line of thought in this paper.  We certainly do not want to become dull of hearing when it comes to God’s word.



Can demons affect your health?   You may be shocked right out of your socks as I have been recently, March and April 2000.  Let’s look at what the Bible says about demons and health.  I doubt if there is any area of mental or physical health that can’t be influenced.  Look at Mt. 9:32-33.

Matthew 9:32 As they went out, behold, they brought to him a dumb man possessed with a devil.

33 And when the devil was cast out, the dumb spake: and the multitudes marveled, saying, It was never so seen in Israel.

Casting out the demon healed the man of his muteness.  This may or may not be the same account in Luke 11:14, but most likely is.

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What is Satan’s future?  Is he to be tucked away  along with the demons in some far-flung corner of the universe?  Not according to your Bible, he is not.  His future is death, execution by God, not eternal life in some corner of the universe foaming out his shame.  Let’s look at the verses in Jude where the late Worldwide Church of God drew this conclusion from.

Jude 1:12 These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds [they are] without water, carried about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked up by the roots; 13 Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own shame; wandering stars, to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever.

“Spots,” Strong’s #4694, is translated “men” in NAS, NIV, Living Bible Paraphrased, NEB, and Phillips.  Moffat says “people.”   Zodhiates’  Complete Word Study Dictionary (CWSD) says of “spots,” “…fem. Noun. A rock by or in the sea, a cliff or sandbank on which vessels are shipwrecked.  Figuratively of false teachers who, as hidden reefs, cause others to make shipwreck of their faith  (Jude 1:12 [cf. 1 Tim. 1:19] ).”

What are our feasts of charity? Our love feasts?

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Can Satan and the demons hurt you physically? Think about that! Until Sunday March 5, 2000, my answer to that question was NO.

You bet they can hurt us, even to the point of death. If you don’t believe it, ask Job’s seven sons and three daughters.

Job 1:2 And there were born unto him seven sons and three daughters.

Now read Job 1:18,19.

Job 1:18 While he was yet speaking, there came also another, and said, Thy sons and thy daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother’s house:

19 And, behold, there came a great wind from the wilderness, and smote the four corners of the house, and it fell upon the young men, and they are dead; and I only am escaped alone to tell thee.

Notice it doesn’t say here that the daughters were killed. It just says the young men were killed, but Job 1:12-15 adds more to the story, as well as Job 42:12-13 which implies that the daughters died also.

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1 Corinthians 10:11 is a major key to understanding God’s word:

1 Corinthians 10:11 Now all these things happened unto them for examples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.

“Examples” is Strong’s #5179: “a die (as struck), i.e. (by impl.) a stamp or scar; by anal. a shape, i.e. statue, (fig.) style or resemblance; spec. a sampler (“type“), i.e. a model (for imitation) or instance (for warning).”

Zodhiates’ Complete Word Study New Testament says: “type, as a constituent element of a parable or model of some reality which was yet to appear, a prototype of that which was yet to be developed and evolved.”

“Admonition” is Strong’s #3559: “calling attention to, i.e. (by impl.) mild rebuke or warning.”

“World” is Strong’s #165: “prop. an age; by extens. perpetuity (also past); by impl. the world; spec. (Jewish) a Messianic period (present or future):—age, course, eternal, (for) ever (-more), [n-]ever, (beginning of the , while the) world (began, without end).”

Failure to believe and accept 1 Corinthians 10:11 is a sure bet that you won’t see Satan coming. We have no permission from God anywhere to pick and choose what we will believe.

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This is another paper that had been on the shelf for several years.

I Peter 3:19 is the verse the title of this paper is taken from.  “He” is referring to Christ.  “Preached” is Strong’s #2784 meaning “to herald (as a public cry) espec. divine truth (the Gospel)…”  “Spirits” are spirits, and “prison” is Strong’s #5438 meaning “a guarding or (concretely guard) the act, the person, fig. The place, the condition…”

1 Peter 3:19 By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison;

Did you ever wonder about this verse?  I have.  It just started to go together for me in the last year as I came across certain other verse in the Bible in different places that pertained to the subject.  This is another one of the deep things of God that is slowly coming to light with lots more information to be revealed.  It would be worth the readers time to read my paper, “The Physical Creation” before reading this paper.  I’ll write this assuming the reader understands that subject.

I’ll ask the question up front.  Is the same thing going on in the angelic spirit world as in the physical world?  That question is what this whole paper revolves around.  There will be many side issues and other information discussed.  Christ was slain from the foundation of the world, Revelation 13:8.  Which world was Christ slain from its foundation?  If you have read the papers “The Physical Creation” you know the answer.  Without rewriting a lot of things covered in this paper, I will just mention two things to make a case for that point.